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If you're looking to buy a truck, the power and reliability of a diesel truck cannot be beat.  Here at Thompson Car and Truck we have an excellent selection of diesel trucks for sale at excellent prices.  Our trucks are heavily inspected to make sure that we stock the best of the best in New Jersey.  






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Benefits of a Diesel Truck
If you are looking to buy a truck, but are confused about what kind of truck to buy, here is an article explaining to you, why you should consider buying a diesel truck.
While there are many fuel options out in the market today like gas, petrol, diesel, etc., diesel is the better option. Here is why.

  1. Better Mileage: Diesel is an efficient fuel and provides more mileage compared to its alternatives. A truck is basically a transport vehicle, which means heavy loads and also long distances to cover. Diesel would be cost effective too, as diesel is much cheaper than its alternative fuel options. Diesel trucks get around five miles per gallon more than other fuels.
  1. Better Torque and Horsepower: Gasoline engines have lesser horsepower per cubic inch than the ideal diesel engines. The power band in a diesel engine is wider than compared to the traditional gasoline engines. On one hand, gasoline engines accelerate faster than diesel engines, but on the other, diesel engines maintain the power better when the truck is in motion. Diesel is widely chosen by people who have to haul heavy loads and longer distances. This is because of the lesser known fact that diesel engines accelerate better with a heavier load.
  1. Better Longevity of the Engine: According to studies, the life of a diesel engine lasts three times longer than a typical gasoline engine. Usually, a gasoline engine will need a replacement after 125,000 miles, whereas, a diesel engine can run for about 375,000 before an engine replacement. Diesel, being a heavier fluid, is naturally heavier and has its own lubricants. Gasoline on the other hand, tends to clog the engine more quickly.
  1. A diesel engine has fewer moving parts compared to a gasoline engine. This makes it easier to repair and saves on the costs. Diesel engine parts can be easily replaced instead of replacing the whole engine.
  1. More Reliable: Diesel engines are more reliable as they do not have a complex ignition unlike the gasoline engine. People looking for a work truck would definitely choose a diesel engine over a gasoline engine. Diesel has a higher thermal efficiency than the gasoline fuel. This gives them more power and strength to haul heavier loads and travel longer with the engine losing its optimal efficiency. On the utilitarian front, diesel is the clearly preferred option over the gasoline engine.
  1. Improved engines: Diesel engines are being quickly upgraded to make them more energy efficient and eco-friendly as well. The exhaust particulate matter of diesel is much lesser than the gasoline exhaust. For the same reason, the diesel version of almost all automobiles has a faster selling rate than the gasoline engine.
After considering all these advantages among many others, it is advisable to get a truck with a diesel engine to make your vehicle cost effective in the long run.