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Thompson Car and Truck thanks you for visiting our website. We are your local used car dealer serving the cities of Baptistown, Flemington, Franklin, Frenchtown, Kingwood, Rosemont, Alexandria and much more!

At Thompson Car and Truck we are dedicated to giving you the full car buying experience without all the drama that you would get at any other used car or used truck dealer in New Jersey. Many dealers will claim that they have quality used cars or trucks but then the vehicle you just purchased breaks down and the dealer in not able to stand behind it.

Here at Thompson Car and Truck we sell only the most reliable cars and trucks that you can buy in the area. If you live in the Flemington area, come and check out our high quality used carsJeeps and trucks! Also serving New Brunswick and Baptistown.

Come and see our incredible inventory of pre-owned vehicles from prices under $15,000; $10,000 and $7,000!  We are also a dealership that provides both gas trucks and diesel trucks in New Jersey.

Please call or visit us to see for yourself how different your total automotive experience can be! We do not have any unsatisfied customers!

Used Diesel Trucks For Sale In NJ