Diesel Or Gasoline Trucks?

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Diesel vs. Gas Trucks for Work

Looking for a truck for? Confused if you should take a diesel or a gas one? This is one of the age old discussions which people have had. Though, diesel trucks have been improved a lot, but, people still have doubts if these should be bought or not.

Following are few points on which both kinds of trucks are compared:
  • Fuel economy: The advantage is for the diesel trucks here as they have a higher density than gasoline trucks. Since gasoline has less BTU’s than diesel, it takes more gasoline to equal the power output of diesel. This makes diesel more efficient. Secondly, diesel uses a better fuel-injection method than port fuel-injection method because of which it has very little unburned fuel. Thirdly, diesel uses much less fuel when at idle, than gas units.
  • Initial cost: the initial cost of diesel engines is of course much more than the gas units as they are used more harshly. They have costlier parts too like a thicker block and cylinder heads and stronger connecting rods, pistons, valves and crankshaft. Secondly, diesel engines weigh much more than a comparable gas unit.
  • Vibration and noise: Despite the best efforts by the companies to reduce the noise by noise isolation and engine-noise technology in pickup trucks, diesel engine trucks are still noisier and shake more than the gasoline units. When the diesel trucks are at idle, the clatter and shake is noticeable whereas it’s difficult to make out if the gas engine is even running. Moreover, at low speed, the noise of the diesel trucks is clearer but there is very little noise between the two on the highway where the speed is higher.
  • Cold weather: Again the gasoline units turn out to be more beneficial here as they are easier to start on a cold winter morning. It is because of the spark plugs they have that the fuel is ignited immediately once it’s injected into the cylinder which is already in pressure.
  • Exhaust smells: it goes without saying the diesel engines car emit smells and even particulate matter emissions despite the petroleum companies’ efforts to make it with lower sulfur. It also leads to blackening of tailpipes.
  • Maintenance: gasoline units are the best option when we talk about short-term maintenance since their initial cost is very less. However, the higher initial cost of diesel engines is something that makes it the best for long term due to its durability and higher efficiency.
  • Fuel availability: Another reason can be the unavailability of diesel in the US. As only 2% of the cars used in the US are of diesel as compared to 25% in the European countries like France and Italy.
After analyzing the above points, it’s evident that cars using gasoline are better than the diesel ones. However, gasoline units are for the light cars or when they aren’t going to be used very lightly not hauling it with heavy load and not planning to keep it post 100,000 miles then gasoline units are for you. Otherwise diesel units work more efficiently for rough usage.