Why Choose A 4x4 Truck?

It used to be that trucks were used on farms and only included the bare basic amenities. Back then all you needed in your truck was a radio, flat bench seats, a trailer hitch to tow your horse trailer and a cargo bed to haul everything from bales of hay to tools.  Continue Reading...

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    Although some of the uses for pickups haven't changed over the years, the pickup truck of today can just as well be taken on ski trips, outfitted with latest technology, heated leather seats and entertainment systems. The sheer number and variety of trucks on the roads today make it easy to understand that the best-selling vehicle over the past 40 years has been a pickup. 

If you've been in the market for a pickup, the first thing you need to consider is the primary use for your truck. Although many people purchase trucks every year, most will probably never take it off-road. If you're like most people, then a 2WD version will do just fine and you can save yourself some money too. 

However, if your truck must be capable of driving off-road, on different types of roads or in various weather conditions, then your best option would be a 4WD version. 

Let's take a look at 5 of the top reasons you should select the 4WD option in your next truck. 
  1. Since power is transmitted by all four tires, the load requirement for each tire is reduced which provides for stability during cornering. The best way to drive in tough road conditions is where all four wheels transmit power and a 4WD has an outstanding advantage over a 2WD in that respect.
  2. In a 4WD, since the amount of grip of each tire is increased, external factors such as heavy rainstorms and wind gusts have no effect on the straight-line stability of the truck, the same cannot be said of a 2WD version.
  3. A truck equipped with 4WD has double the tire grip of those with 2WD so take-off and acceleration performance is greatly improved because the tires will not spin even during rapid acceleration. 
  4. The power of a 4WDis approximately double that of a 2WD so a 4WD vehicle can climb hills that a 2WD cannot.
  5. Since all four wheels are transmitting power in a 4WD, the power applied to the road is double that of a 2WD.  4WD performance out-paces a 2WD when driving on snowy, muddy, sandy or in extremely tough road conditions. With a 4WD, the front and rear wheels work together, so you are achieving a higher level of performance.
In a 4WD you have cornering stability, straight-line stability, double the tire grip, capable of climbing hills and out-performs in tough road conditions.

Now that you've picked out the right model, color and  favorite options, the only decision left to make is whether the 2WD or 4WD version the best choice for you. But, you've already decided, haven't you?